Muslims in Scotland - The Making of a Community in a Post-9/11 World by Stefano Bonino MUSLIMS IN SCOTLAND

The Making of Community in a Post-9/11 World


Stefano Bonino’s Muslims in Scotland: The Making of Community in a Post-9/11 World (Edinburgh University Press, 2016) is the first book-length, scholarly investigation of the Muslim community living in Scotland. It was shortlisted for the 2017 Saltire Society Research Book of the Year Award.

The book argues that the experience of being a Muslim in Scotland today is shaped by the global and national post-9/11 shift in public attitudes towards Muslims, and is infused by the particular social, cultural and political Scottish ways of dealing with minorities, diversity and integration. It explores the settlement and development of Muslim communities in Scotland, highlighting the ongoing changes in their structure and the move towards a Scottish experience of being Muslim. This experience combines a sense of civic and social belonging to Scotland with a religious and ideological commitment to Islam.

Key Features

  • Reflects on over a decade of 9/11-related socio-political attention to Islam and Muslims within the UK in general, and Scotland in particular
  • Shows the changing patterns of Muslims’ identities and community boundaries within the Scottish context
  • Contributes to discourses around Scottish nationalism, diversity and citizenship and to broader studies on the integration of Muslims and minorities within the UK and Europe
  • Uses Edinburgh as a case study to demonstrate a successful model of Muslim integration within a cosmopolitan and economically prosperous city

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